Breaking Up with the DSLR

Goodbye . Sony A7 . Nikon 50mm

I’ve been shuffling around camera gear lately, trying to sell stuff that I’m not using much and get a smaller camera to carry around. I sold a couple film cameras and lenses so I could get the Sony A7. This camera intrigued me because it is full frame, accepts almost any lens, and is very small. After getting it, I decided to unload all of my digital Canon stuff too. Granted, I didn’t have a crazy set of L lenses or anything, but my 5D MkII was aging and I thought it would be smart to sell it before it isn’t worth anything.

I really liked the 5D. It worked great in low light and was built like a tank. Looking back at my photos, a lot of the real good ones were taken with it. The problem was the size of the thing. Most of the time I’d leave it at home because it wouldn’t fit in my work bag, or I had my hands full with the kids. The Sony is much easier to pack along. That being said, I am NOT a fan of Sony. I hate their menu system. Switching between the EVF and the rear screen is super annoying. The sensor that detects when you’re looking through the viewfinder doesn’t always activate when I’m wearing glasses. I question the weather sealing. I could go on, but what I really like about it is the size and the quality of images (plus manual focus peaking is awesome). This really is the only affordable, full frame, alternative to a Leica M. Luckily, once you’ve setup the camera, you don’t have to wade through the menus very often.

I’ve been shooting more than ever since I picked up this camera. Thanks Mat for helping push me into the mirrorless camp.


Directions . Lomo LCA . Kodak Gold 400

Antirobot is back. Sort of.

I started a design blog in 2000 called Antirobot. This was the era of handcrafted and handcoded blogs well before the advent of WordPress and Tumblr. After 4 or 5 years, it eventually withered and died like most blogs do, but I’m attempting to breathe life back into it’s forgotten domain name.

This time around, I’m going to use this place to post my thoughts on photography along with photos I’ve taken. Not really photography news, more like a photographer’s journal (whoa, ease back on the pretension). Really, its a mechanism to keep me thinking about, and doing, photography. We’ll see how it goes.